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Introducing the Free Rhodes Doctor RedM MLO, an exquisite representation of cutting-edge RedM mods.

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Dive into the realm of immersive gaming with our latest addition to the RedM store. Introducing the Rhodes Doctor RedM MLO, an exquisite representation of cutting-edge RedM mods. This is not just any RedM map; it is the epitome of detailed craftsmanship.


  • Modified Building Exteriors: Experience an enhanced visual treat with redefined building exteriors, tailored to bring a fresh perspective to your RedM gameplay.
  • Custom Interior [MLO]: Every corner is meticulously designed. With this custom MLO, you get an interior that stands out in the vast world of RedM MLOs.
  • Using RDR3 Shaders: Elevate your gaming aesthetics with RDR3 shaders, ensuring a smooth and breathtaking visual experience.
  • Wood Collision Material: Feel the authentic touch. Our RedM mod guarantees realistic interactions with wooden materials for an immersive experience.
  • Restream Original Ymaps: We provide an example of how to seamlessly restream original ymaps, enhancing your modding capabilities.
  • Blender Project with Packed Assets: Dive deeper into customization with our inclusive Blender project, packed with assets ready to be explored and manipulated.

For anyone on the lookout for the finest RedM free maps and RedM free MLOs, this is your perfect destination. Exclusively available on our RedM store, where quality meets the essence of Red Dead Redemption modding.



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