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Elevate RedM server management with RedM Admin Menu for VORP: open-source, comprehensive control for admins, enhancing community engagement

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RedM Admin Menu – The Ultimate Tool for RedM Server Management

Elevate your RedM server administration to unprecedented levels with the RedM Admin Menu for VORP Scripts, your all-encompassing solution designed to streamline server management and enhance gameplay experience. This fully open-source tool is packed with a wide array of features that allow admins to maintain order, improve player interactions, and customize the game environment on the fly.

RedM Admin Menu Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Player Management: From banning disruptive players to reviving and healing, our admin menu puts complete control in your hands. Utilize options like kick, warn, spectate, freeze, and more to manage player behavior effectively. With our unique warning system, players accumulating three warnings face a 24-hour server ban, promoting a respectful gaming environment.
  • Advanced Server Control: Beyond player management, our tool offers features like deleting items, weapons, and currency, setting admin roles, toggling infinite ammo, and enabling noclip and godmode for an enhanced administrative experience.
  • Game Environment Customization: Enhance your server’s dynamics by spawning wagons, horses, and managing in-game resources such as money and gold. Tailor the game to your community’s liking with detailed configuration options.
  • Visibility and Communication Tools: Keep your server community connected and informed with features like announcements, Discord logs, and the ability to show player identifiers, including Discord ID, Steam name, and more. Our tool also allows for real-time monitoring of online admins and players, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
  • Unparalleled Server Health Management: With options to revive all players, respawn players, and show server religion, maintaining an enjoyable and fair play environment has never been easier.

Why Choose VORP Admin Menu?

  • Fully Open Source: Enjoy the freedom to customize and adapt the tool to your server’s specific needs.
  • Discord Integration: Keep your community connected and your server’s activities transparent with comprehensive Discord logs.
  • Easy Configuration: A detailed configuration file ensures you can tailor the admin menu’s features to suit your server perfectly.

Elevate Your RedM Server Today

Step into the future of RedM server management with RedM Admin Menu | VORP Scripts. Designed for administrators who demand efficiency, control, and customization, our tool is the key to unlocking a superior gaming experience for your community. Explore the endless possibilities and start transforming your server today.

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    Good service.

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    this redm site is amazing with amazing mlos and scripts.

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    i found new mlos here

  4. Zohar (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    one and only redm store where i can trust

  6. Kayden (verified owner)

    one and only redm store where i can trust

  7. Avery (verified owner)

    good scripts and mlos

  8. Leo (verified owner)

    one and only redm store where i can trust

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