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Experience thrilling RedM horse racing with our script! Up to 32 players, customizable tracks & VORP integration. Join the race now!

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Unlock the full potential of horse racing in RedM with our RedM Horse Races script. Designed for adrenaline seekers and competitive spirits, this open-source racing script is a game-changer for RedM servers. With its ability to host lap or sprint races for up to 32 players, it brings unparalleled excitement to your RedM experience. Here’s why every RedM enthusiast needs this script:

  • Competitive Racing: Engage in intense lap or sprint races with up to 32 players, ensuring a lively and competitive environment.
  • High Customizability: Tailor every aspect of your race, from the number of participants to the race tracks, for a personalized racing experience.
  • Dynamic Tracks: Set up configurable race tracks, designed to challenge even the most seasoned jockeys.
  • Immersive Experience: Enjoy smooth and appealing cutscenes and transitions, adding a cinematic touch to your races.
  • Ongoing Updates: Look forward to future enhancements including a race route creator, dynamic routes with waypoint placement, and exciting boosters like health, stamina, and weapon barrels.
  • RedEM:RP/VORP Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular frameworks like RedEM:RP and VORP, currently compatible with the death system.

Latest Updates (v1.0.2):

  • Integration with RedEM:RP/VORP for enhanced gameplay.
  • Bug fixes for a smoother racing experience.

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