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Elevate RedM gameplay with the RedM Weapon Maintenance Script – your solution for realistic weapon cleaning and management in-game.

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The RedM Weapon Maintenance Script revitalizes the classic Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon inspection and cleaning mechanics for an enhanced gaming experience. This innovative script is your solution to overcoming the challenges of dirty and malfunctioning weapons in-game. It seamlessly integrates with RedM Scripts, offering a user-friendly way to maintain and repair your in-game arsenal. redm weapon repair


Activating the script is straightforward. Simply select your weapon in the weapon wheel and click the scroll button to engage the maintenance options.

Key Features:

  1. Weapon Cleaning: Effortlessly clean both shortarm and longarm weapons.
  2. Inspection and Stats: Inspect your weapons and check their stats for a detailed overview.
  3. Database Integration: Save weapon stats in the database, available exclusively for RedEM:RP/VORP users.
  4. Resource Management: Gun oil item requirement adds a layer of realism, applicable only in RedEM:RP/VORP.
  5. Weapon Malfunctions: Experience realistic weapon malfunctions, available in RedEM:RP/VORP.
  6. Permanent Degradation: Weapons undergo permanent degradation, adding to the game’s challenge for RedEM:RP/VORP users.

Additional Information:

  • Code Accessibility: Yes
  • Subscription Model: No
  • Requirements: None, or RedEM:RP/VORP for advanced features.
  • Support: Comprehensive support available.


v1.1.8 to v1.0.1 Summary:

  • Introduced patches for VORP inventory v3.1+.
  • Added disabling option for weapon cleaning via the wheel.
  • Implemented a weapon permanent degradation system.
  • Fixed various bugs related to weapon malfunctions, transferring weapons, and more.
  • Added experimental features like syn scripts compatibility and malfunction sound effects.
  • Updated VORP compatibility notes and fixed gun oil item detection issues.
  • Enhanced user experience with options for disabling weapon condition restoration and cleaning permanent degraded weapons.
  • Improved database integration for both RedEM:RP and VORP, making the integration process more straightforward.
  • Addressed native execution errors and selection bugs.
  • Continuous updates and fixes to enhance the overall functionality and user experience.

RedM Weapon Maintenance Video Showcase:



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